How quickly do you bounce back?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has ever had a bad day. You know, those days where it seems like everything is falling apart and you don’t even feel like interacting with anyone. I’ve had so many of those days and I’m sure that it’s a normal part of life.

The question is, however, when you do find yourself in those tough moments, how quickly do you get back up? What do you tell yourself in order to bounce back?

I was watching an episode of Real Talk with Anele recently and the guest was radio and TV personality Dineo Ranaka. The interview was very interesting as I also got to see a side of Dineo that I hadn’t really seen before. The Metro FM host has grown so much and you can tell that she’s in a good space in her life.

And, just like many of us, she also has had some challenging moments . On how she deals with these times when they hit, Dineo told Anele Mdoda:

“When I’m in my down, I accept quickly the down. I’m a very fast acceptor… In that down I process insecurity, I process doubt, I process everything that is negative. I don’t stay there for too long – cultivate and quickly come back to resilience and bounce back up again. You can be your own worst enemy by staying in the negative for too long… Also in my downs, you know, it’s  important that God is a constant in my life, has been forever…”

I really like what Dineo said. We sometimes put so much pressure on ourselves to always have it together, or to be strong all the time and to never show weakness. We tend to forget that we’re only human and that life happens to all of us – whether you’re rich, poor, famous or not.

I think there’s always something to be learned in those not-so-strong moments. For me, whenever they come, I try to fully surrender to them. And this doesn’t mean that I’ve accepted defeat or failure. It just simply means that I’m going through whatever I’m going through, I learn the lesson that I need to learn, and then get back up. The important thing is learning what you need to learn from every difficult situation you find yourself in.

There’s something I once read from Oprah. It says:

“Every problem has a spiritual lesson. Get the lesson. Life gets better. Don’t get it. And the lessons get harder. Stop resisting what is. Either change it or find a way to move with the flow.”

This has really changed the way I see problems or challenges in my life. Although it might be hard when you’re going through it, you must rest in the fact that you will be so much stronger and wiser when you come out on the other side. 

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