Don’t let your hope die

What does a new year mean to you? This question might seem straightforward and easy, but I had to pause a bit when my therapist asked me in our first meeting this year. Although it sounded very simple, I had to sit there and think about it for a while. I was suddenly filled with anxiety because I thought about all the things that I had hoped for in 2019 (and previous years) that didn’t come to pass.

“Is there even a point to setting goals and hoping for certain things to happen if you’re going to end up disappointed at the end of the year?” I thought to myself. You work so hard and you do what you feel is the right thing, but still end up with unfavourable results. But does this mean you shouldn’t look forward to the possibility of your prayers being answered or your deepest desires being fulfilled? I don’t think so.

So, to answer my therapist’s question: a new year means starting over and hoping again. I know that just because the date changed from 31 December 2019 to 01 January 2020, it doesn’t mean that things will magically fall into place because it’s a new year. It also doesn’t mean that I’ve suddenly become a new person. However, there is a sense of hope that comes with witnessing and celebrating a new year.

I still hope and believe that all those dreams and goals that didn’t materialise in previous will come to pass. However, I am very much aware of the fact that things happen in God’s time, not mine. I have great hope in my future but most importantly, I have great faith in the one who holds my future. He knows what I need and when I need it, and is not governed by time.

Continue to set those goals and working towards them. Don’t lose heart when things don’t work out the way you thought they would. Trust and believe that at the right time, God will open doors that no man can shut.

Have a blessed 2020!

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash