I started a podcast! Nia Conversations is live

At the beginning of 2020 I was excited because I couldn’t wait to start working on my vision board. The last time I had an actual vision board was around 2014/2015 and I just got lazy after that.

So, when the new year came, I went and bought a big picture frame and printed images of the things that I want to work on and achieve in 2020. I won’t go into too much detail about my goals (yet). I will tell you, though, that I’m super happy about achieving one of the things that’s on my vision board — my very own podcast!

What a great feeling it is to want something and actually see it happening. This week I launched the Nia Conversations Podcast (currently available on Spotify), something that has been in the works for the past two years. The idea first came to me sometime in 2018. I got excited and started doing research about equipment and other things that I needed in order to make it happen.

However, it never happened. I ended up exhausted and scared and decided to put the idea on hold. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. A lot has happened in the last two years and I feel that I’m now in a better space to honestly tell my story with whoever is willing and ready to listen. I have so much to share and cannot wait to connect with different people from different backgrounds.

This is an exciting chapter for me. When I was trying to deal with the trauma I went through all those years ago I had a lot of questions. The answers weren’t easily available. It was a very lonely and confusing place to be in and I don’t want others who’ve found themselves in my situation to through the same struggle.

I’m not saying I have all the answers (I don’t think anyone does). My intention is, and always has been, to reach out to others. We are never alone in our journeys, although it feels like that sometimes.

Through the Nia Conversations Podcast, I hope to be that friend you need when you’re at your lowest point and no one seems to understand you or what you’re experiencing. I hope to walk with you through your journey, whatever it looks like. Most importantly, I really hope that I can show you that no matter how tough things may seem, it always gets better.

I’m looking forward to not only sharing my journey, but also healing, growing and learning with you. New episodes of the Nia Conversations Podcast drop on Tuesdays.

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash